The Back Story

In my youth this passion was focused on the fashion industry and I followed that passion to a degree in Fashion Design from Ryerson University in the 1990’s, at a time before the internet was even part of the mainstream. After graduating my career took various twists and turns through retail, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, and eventually entrepreneurship. Each of those various endeavours over the last 20+ years have encompassed elements of design and technology. In fact, the emergence of the World Wide Web came right at the time I was entering the workforce and I have been evolving along with it in my career as it has become part of everyday life. Running my own store, Drysdale & Co, gave me to opportunity to explore and experiment with many different creative business tasks both online and offline. This allowed me to cultivate a depth of experience that creates a valuable skill set for web strategy and design.

I love the internet and all the possibilities it provides and am excited to share my knowledge with others. I am now taking all that I have learned (and continue to learn everyday) and am applying to design websites that help others to develop a strong internet presence for their companies, brands and projects. I don’t just design websites to be pretty or do flashy things. I work with my clients to understand what they want their website to do for them and incorporate the elements required to achieve their goals. The focus is always on simplicity, clarity and usability. Every lesson learned from running my own online brand adds to my understanding of what users need and want. I’m not just working based on theories but direct experience.