The SEO Value of Images in WordPress
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A guide to good SEO practices a for images in WordPress… Read More

The Science of Persuasion
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An excellent video that outlines 6 key shortcuts that guide how we make decisions. Understanding how these universal aspects of human behaviour impact our decision making process can be very helpful when thinking about designing your website.… Read More

Responsive Web Design: An Absolute Must for Your Business Website
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Responsive web design has become more than just something that’s pretty cool to have, it’s now an absolute must for all websites. … Read More

To Blog or Not to Blog
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The New Year is here and although I prefer to eschew the concept of New Year’s resolutions, I find myself with a nagging voice in mind head telling me I need to blog more…… Read More

Why WordPress?
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Why WordPress? – 12 solid reasons I choose WordPress for the majority of the web projects I create for my clients. … Read More

Have You Googled Yourself Lately?
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If you haven’t, I bet someone else has. It’s what we do when we meet people now, isn’t it? Lots of us do. Before I meet with a potential new client I always Google search their name and/or their company … Read More

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