Branding design and WordPress website design for Bob Seger Tribute Band.

Design Elements

New logo (2016), WordPress Setup & Styling, Integration with Soundcloud for audio tracks and YouTube for videos.

A new logo for 2016


The original logo was a clean-up job of a previous artists idea.

I did the best I could with the elements I had to work with - a hand-drawn sketch and a chosen font (Magneto) - but it just wasn't a very successful look for the brand identity.

Old logo based on old ideas


So, for 2016 we wawnted to create a stronger brand presence by completing a proper logo design process - go back to the beginning and start fresh with research, strategy and a range of new concepts.


The final result is a much more appropriate logo that is modular and can be used with or without full band name, and the tagline.

The band and I are much happier with this new design which presents a much stronger visual identity for their brand.




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