Just north of Rosedale, in the Summerhill neighbourhood sits one of the hidden gems of the city, Rosehill Reservoir, with its unusual water fountain design. The metal parabola with a decahedron at the apex is supposed to act as a spray on the fountain - water shoots up into it and is dispersed back into the pool below.

I only recall seeing this in operation once when I was in the park a long time ago. Unfortunately, the fountain has not been working the last few years; Signs around it cite structural issues and a rehabilitation project is being planned by the city. Despite that it's still one of my favourite pieces of art in the city. The shape reminds me of the Atomium in Brussels.

Also located here are Rosehill Gardens, a peacful little gated garden, as well as David A. Balfour Park, with trails through the wooded area that lead through the Vale of Avoca towards Mount Pleasant Cemetary to the north and connect up with the Park Drive Reservation trail to the south.

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