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For businesses already running a WordPress website but need it to be better - work better, look better, flow better, tell a better story and bring you more leads.

If you already have a WordPress website but it isn't bringing you the results want, it's time to re-evaluate and solve problems. You need to take your web presence from something that is kinda OK to something that really works. You need to help searchers find your site and make sure they understand how you can provide what they need. We will create pages that tell your story in a way that is "digestible" and discuss what SEO is and how you can make it work for your brand.

  • Is your content allowing your site to be found on Google?
  • Do you have easy to use an understand navigation?
  • Are your pages helping your users solve their problems?

These concepts are more are addressed.

The Redesign WordPress Process

The tools you need to run a great WordPress website

Review & Research

A close look at what's going on with your WordPress website, your larger web presence and your main competitor's websites as well.

This discovery process begins with research and documentation. We will discuss where the weaknesses are in your current design, content and messaging. Using a series of questions and answers we will discover who your target audience is, what problem they have that your business can solve, and how to create messaging that informs and entices them.

Getting all of the details down in writing informs the WordPress redesign strategy and helps us understand how to solve your WordPress problems.

Theme Review & Improvement

Using the right WordPress theme can make a big difference in how easy your site is to work with. Susan has worked with many themes over the years and knows what right theme answer is - and what it's not.

Your content will be moved into a better theme in a separate online development space while we rework the look of your pages and content. When the newly designed pages are ready the new theme will be installed in your WordPress installation and new page layouts will be uploaded to your existing pages (or to new pages that we create, redirecting your old pages to the new ones.)

We will also review the plugins and third-party services that can help your WordPress environment run well and improve and your overall web presence, and review your website's navigation menus and discover ways to simplify and improve the navigation experience.

Page & Navigation Styling

We will start by working with the page content you already have to make it more visually appealing, legible...more "sticky". Susan will show you how to improve page elements to make your pages more scan-able and easier for your visitors to digest and understand your content.

We will also review page elements that are not working either visually or technically to create a page that helps you better connect with users and Google.

And, we'll talk about the importance of creating strong "Calls to Action" to help guide visitors to areas of your site you want them to see and take the actions you want them to take.

SEO Review & Direction

A close look at what's going on with your WordPress website, your larger web presence and your main competitor's websites as well.

A WordPress website gives you the opportunity to take control of your SEO on your own. With the right tools and a little know-how you can build your content in a way that helps people find you. The Yoast SEO plugin will be added, and we will make sure your site is integrated with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Susan will show you how to make the right choices for best SEO traction, and review some of your competitors to help you understand how you stack up against them.

Armed with these excellent tools and a little SEO knowledge you will be able to work towards your SEO goals now and into the future.

Starts at $2500*

The Redesign Existing WordPress Package is the right choice for those already running a well-hosted WordPress environment.

Your site must have a suitable domain and hosting setup to qualify for this package. I will evaluate the current situation with your domain and hosting and let you know what I find. If you need to upgrade these elements of your website, we can discuss your options, or you can choose The Premium Package, which includes technical installation and setup.


* Up to 15 pages (or blog/portfolio posts). Additional Pages and Posts and content development available at an additional cost. We will discuss your specific project scope - budget, needs and billing requirement details before beginning our project to asses what additional costs may be applicable before your project begins.

Additional pages starting at $75/page.
In-person working sessions, starting at $125/hr
Custom Functionality and Plugins
Logo Design
Graphic Design
Photo Editing
Custom Photography
Email Marketing Integration and Newsletter Design (MailChimp, Constant Contant, etc.)
E-commerce Solutions
On-going Content management, design and publishing
WordPress Updates and Maintenance (plans available)

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