"My Client's said they really liked my website"

It's a simple statement, but it means a lot. People are more likely to refer your website to others if they think it's a good one.

Connect with your niche and build their trust

Good business people know how to do this in person with a smile, a handshake, or a well put together outfit. But they also do so by showing up on time for meetings, completing jobs on time, and all the other things that make you take them seriously.

Building trust online is about more than just having a website or a twitter account. It's about thinking from the user's perspective and making sure you are meeting their needs and expectations one every page - and not being self-indulgent with things that aren't helping them.


"People have told me my site is very well organized"

Users like it when you make it easy for them. It tells them you understand what they need.

Good design is good customer service.

Knowing how to use the WordPress engine to organize and display content really well is so very important. Have you ever been to a site that looked really stylish, but didn't deliver on your other expectations? You probably didn't stick around on it for long.

Don't just focus on what a site looks like, but also how it flows and communicates.

Give them what they need. Never leave them hanging.


"I got two new clients through the website this month"

When you look awesome, people think you're awesome. And we all want to do busines with awesome companies, right?

Show authority in your market and grow your client base

The internet is a competitive place, but you can compete and thrive just by making the effort to be a little better than the competition.

You web presence speaks to your competence more that you may realise. If your website is hard to use, not mobile-friendly and looking like something from the last century, people will think you are out of touch in all areas of business, not just on the web.



A solid web presence is the best investment you can make in your business right now