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Why WordPress?

Why WordPress? – 12 solid reasons I choose WordPress for to design websites for my clients. … Read More
High Park Cherry Blossoms 2015

High Park Cherry Blossoms 2015

Here we go again – High Park Cherry Blossoms are out! A much less agressive winter made for considerably more blooms this year than in 2014. The mid-week, mid-afternoon crowd was huge when I was there yesterday. I can only … Read More
Microsoft Connects Takeover #ConnectsTakeover

Microsoft Connects Takeover – April 2015

I was given the priviledge of hosting a Microsoft Connects Takeover this past weekend for @_connects, the home of the global Lumia community on Instagram. These are my eight shots from my #ConnectsTakeover weekend: Microsoft Connects Takeover #ConnectsTakeover , Saturday … Read More

Five Days in Iceland

A small city with a cosmopolitan feel. The country of Iceland has about 325,000 inhabitants, 60% of whom live in or near Reykjavik. The other 125,000 or so live in small towns spread out around the island. So this small … Read More