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Las Vegas

I LOVE Las Vegas. The sights, the sounds, the architecture and design. The people watching. The strip is a strange little bubble unlike anywhere else in the US. The perfect getaway from Toronto’s grey winter, and for me to take … Read More

Watershed Abstracts

This is Watershed Conscientiousness, a living map of the city of Toronto and the rivers that flow through it, on display at the Toronto Evergreen Brick Works. This living piece of horticultural artwork holds endless possibilities for interesting photographs. I … Read More

Toronto Zoo

A trip to the zoo on a hot summer day meant lots of animals sleeping and/or hiding out of sight in whatever shaded areas they can find. Still managed to get some good shots though.

Doors Open Toronto 2012

Took the opportunity to get some unusual vistas of the city this weekend during Doors Open Toronto which highlights architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant buildings around the city. Had intended to join the guided tour with journalist and photographer … Read More

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