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Montréal Biodôme

Located next to the Olympic Stadium, Montréal Biodôme is a showcase of  plants, animals and fish divided into four ecosystems found in the Americas: Tropical Forest, a replica of the rainforest, The Laurentian Forest, a replica of the North American wilderness, The Saint Lawrence Marine … Read More

8 Years on Danforth Ave.

In 2003 I opened a shop on Danforth Ave. in Toronto’s Riverdale neighbourhood, along with my business partner, hairstylist Marc Miltenburg. The company, then called Wash Up & Brush Co. was a hybrid business, combining  a full-service hair salon in … Read More

Our Newest Family Member

This fall we rescued this gorgeous guy who somehow had been abandoned and was lurking around our street all summer. How it is that such a beautiful and friendly creature could be abandoned is completely perplexing to me. Fortunately for … Read More

JPG smartCar

This fabulous little smartCar was parked on the street where I live today. Love the signature navy sailor stripes. It was promoting “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier, From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk” From the Sidewalk to the … Read More

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