Premium WordPress Design Package

A Custom WordPress Design Service

Make an investment in a better website for your business and a better web experience for your customers with this complete WordPress Planning, Strategy & Design Service.

The Premium WordPress Design Package is everything you need to go from an OK website, to a great web system....more than just creating the pages and posts that you think you need, we look at the bigger marketing picture of your overall web presence and talk about what your users need. With this custom WordPress design package we ask questions, like:
  • Who is your audience?
  • What are you trying to communicate to them?
  • What is the action that you want your audience to take?
  • How do you plan to use your website to support your business?

Asking the right questions leads to solving the small business website problems you need to overcome. We will review your content, talk about content development strategies and how we can best present your content to deliver results.

Design Process

A plan for success with your WordPress website


Your project starts with planning -  asking lots of questions and figuring out just what exactly are all of your specific needs.

A comprehensive review of your business, the landscape of your niche online and your competitors' websites. We will compile all the little details to create a master planning document that covers everything involved in your individual project. In this stage we ask many questions about who you are and what you're trying to accomplish, so we can take steps in the right direction before we start to think about creative details.


Once we both understand more about your project, the web, and your landscape we can put together a plan of attack.

Everyone wants to be "first page of Google", but what does that even mean? For which terms? We will begin to identify what the most important content is for your website, and determine what elements we will create to make sure the most important information about your brand is reaching your audience.

We identify the top-line details - you main navigation menu, the pages and post loops needed, the universal elements and the page-specific details.


With understanding and strategies identified, we can now start to concern ourselves with “design”.

Most people tend to think of then visual aesthetic as the “design” – but design is about much, much more than that. It’s about creating something that is not only visually attractive, but is logical and easy to use.

Susan crafts WordPress websites in a live online environment, so instead of seeing pictures of what your website will look like, you’re seeing the real thing – a work in progress that evolves with each new piece of your final content that is put into place and styled for maximum impact. This Atomic Design approach is completely in tune with the way WordPress websites are best built and helps clients see the site as it evolves and become a part of the design process in a very tangible way.


As the creation process unfolds, we begin to get a strong sense of the bigger picture. Once we see the live site with your provided content and content created based on the earlier parts of the process, we review, examine, test and tweak.

Working in a responsive environment means having to make sure that everything is looking great on all devices, resorting itself in the right way. Just like icing on the cake, the refining process is about making all the little details just right.

Custom styling details are added to make your site look less “WordPress” and more “Wow!”

Starts at $3500*

The Total WordPress Design Package is for those looking to create a site that carefully considers what web users want and need.

Whether you are transitioning from an old website on a different platform, or starting something new this WordPress design package gives you the tools you need to maximize your business goals.

* Up to 20 pages (or blog/portfolio posts). Additional Pages and Posts extra. We will discuss your specific project scope - budget, needs and billing requirement details before beginning our project to asses what additional costs may be applicable before your project begins.

Additional pages, starting at $75/page.
In-person working sessions, starting at $125/hr
Custom Functionality and Plugins
Logo Design
Graphic Design
Photo Editing
Custom Photography
E-commerce Solutions
On-going Content management, design and publishing
WordPress Updates and Maintenance (plans available)

Invest in the impression your business makes