Whether you are just starting out with WordPress or re-styling an existing WordPress website there is a WordPress Design and Styling Package to help you succeed.

Get Started with WordPress

You gotta start somewhere, but your investment budget is low. That's OK. This package gets you started with a basic WordPress installation, a great theme and the right plugins. You'll have the right tools to work with on your own or can invest in upgrades later on.
Details & Pricing

Restyle Existing WordPress

You are already running a WordPress website, but it needs help. You're not exactly sure where to start, but you know it all needs to work better, look better and represent your brand better. It's time to leave the past behind and invest in your WordPress future.
Details & Pricing

WordPress Total Package

You want it all! A great WordPress website, strategy and custom styled pages. You're ready to make a serious investment in your brand and you want to do it right. It's time to present an impressive web presence to the world and stand out from the crowd.
Details & Pricing

Ongoing WordPress updates and management. Taking care of your WordPress investment, so you don't have to.


Monthly package for WordPress core, theme and plugin updates, maintenance and monitoring.


*Available to design package clients as an after-care service. Not available for WordPress installations not setup by Susan. Does not include content additions/edits. Billed quarterly.


Monthly package for WordPress updates and monitoring, plus light content additions and updates.

Starts at: $129/month*

*Addition of 1 post/page (or content section) of new content per month or up to 6 minor edits to existing content (change sentences, words, replace images, etc.) Available to design package clients as an after-care service. Not available for WordPress installations not setup by Susan. Billed quarterly.

Ad-hoc WordPress Work

What do you need done? I can help with a range of WordPress tasks. Let' me know what you're after and we'll figure it out.

starts at $75*

*Price varies depending on what needs to be done. We will discuss, set parameters and a price before work begins. This amount is also for content additions that that exceed the Basic and Advanced package parameters, or other post-launch site work.

In-person Working Sessions

For those who want to work one on one, in-person 90-120 minute sessions are available either as individual consultations in advance of purchasing a design package, or in addition to a design package, ongoing as needed.

$150 per session

All the other things you need to create a consistent and powerful look for your brand - logos, business cards, posters, custom social media headers, and much more.

Branding Design

More than just a logo, branding design is about creating a visual representation of your name, and using it consistently across all of your materials.

We will work through a creative design process to design a wordmark and an icon for use on all of your business communications.

Starts at: $749


Visual communication is very important and photos are a great way to tell your story. Whether it's a new headshot for your "About" page, photos of your office space, or customized "stock" photos I provide a range of photography services to give you a strong visual look.

Starts at: $749

Custom Design

If you have a specific project that needs creative visual design - for instance, book covers, or print materials - we can discuss your needs and come up with a customized project package.

Prices quoted per project.

Please contact me with details.

Creative Solutions. Superior Service.

  • Personalized service provided by a single individual who can speak to all aspects of the project, not spread out across several people.
  • Design and Development are not treated as separate processes, but integrated to provide a seamless web creation experience.
  • Speedy Service - We work at the pace you need. As soon as you are ready to proceed things move forward.
  • Years of experience with WordPress, managing domains and working with hosting providers - a solid understanding of what you really need.
  • A passion for problem solving- no matter what needs to be done, it's all about understanding the issue and coming up with creative and effective solutions.
How did Susan get into working with WordPress?

I am a huge fan of WordPress. Several years ago when I had a store in Toronto, a colleague of mine suggested I check out Joomla for creating my business website. Never one just to jump into something without doing research, I looked into Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, the three leading CMS platforms at that time. It was clear to me that WordPress was the one that was becoming the most popular and had the most potential. So, I setup a space on a hosting account and started my first WordPress site in 2008.

What I've learned is that there are many ways to work with WordPress. So many possible directions. So many little things to know. With WordPress you are creating more than just a website. You are creating a web system, which is a much more powerful tool.

A web system gives you room to evolve your web presence as your business grows and changes. No more being stuck with a website that you can't update or change. No more being stuck with something that looks like it was created 10 years ago. Your web presence can keep up with the latest standards with ease.

I've been working with WordPress for nearly a decade now, exploring many themes, frameworks, layout builders and plugins. All the experience has helped me develop my process and pricing based on what I find most projects need, and with the budgets of small businesses in mind.

Using a simple, responsive structure that displays well on all devices and browsers is of the utmost importance right now. I always design with the end-user in mind, striving to make their experience comfortable, leave them satisfied and confident that you can deliver what they need.