One of the most peaceful places I know in Toronto

If you’re looking to get away from the city but don’t have the time or transportation to head very far away Crothers Woods is a great place to check out.

This beautiful parkland area covers over 50 hectares of natural beauty in the Don Valley. A mix of forest and open meadow this peaceful oasis along the Don River is the perfect place to take in nature, without leaving the city. 

The forest area has a winding network of mountain biking trails. If you walk through there on foot be aware of your surroundings and keep an ear out for bikers who seem to pop up out of nowhere and are usually moving fast over the rough, hilly terrain.

There is no winter maintenance of the trails, however I’ve been in there on foot during the winter plenty of times and find it to be even more peaceful with even fewer people around at that time of year – sometimes none at all.

Access to Crothers Woods

The Redway Road Forest Staircase

One of the best places to enter into the Crothers Woods is at the large staircase off of Redway Road, near the intersection of Millwood Road that leads down to the North Toronto Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Redway Road staircase was built as access route for treatment plant workers and is still maintained for this purpose. Just last year some of the more rickety and rotting parts were repaired and now it seems a little less treacherous to climb the 200+ winding steps.

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Other access points:

– South end of the parking lot at the Redway Road Loblaws

– At the top of Bayview Ave. just south of Nesbitt Dr.

– From the Lower Don Trail north of Pottery Road.

– Trail head at bottom of Beechwood Road

More Information on Crothers Woods:

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