Where are the most beautiful places to visit in Toronto?

That’s a long list, actually. Toronto has an incredible diversity of neighbourhoods, architecture and topography. The signs for Toronto Parks all say “A City within a Park”, which is very accurate. One of our nicknames may be “The Big Smoke”, but perhaps it should be “The Big Green” since we have so many ravines, gardens and park spaces. We also have some pretty excellent architecture and public art all over town.

I’ve shot a large selection of photos from around the city and have created this space to showcase and share the most beautiful places and happenings visitors and locals should see.

For now, here are a dozen of my favourite spots and sights that Toronto has to offer. Many more to come . Stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy :)SD

Aga Khan Museum

The Beaches

Crothers Woods

Canadian National Exhibition

DVP Rainbow Tunnel

Park Drive Reservation

Rosehill Reservoir

Royal Ontario Museum

Riverdale Park

Sugar Beach & Chorus Quay

Tommy Thompson Park

Toronto Islands Park