Design Project: Mitzuyan Kosher Catering

Project Details:

Responsive WordPress website for kosher catering company to feature their menus, services, and to gather leads.

Design Elements:

WordPress Redesign
Navigation Redesign
Content Strategy & Planning
Headline Creation
Custom Page Layout Design
WordPress Theme Customization
Photo Editing

Improved Content Flow and Navigation Design

Mitzuyan was already running WordPress but needed an upgrade to both the content architecture and the look and feel of the website. The navigation menu on the original website was very difficult to use, with a drop down menu that was too long, and made some menus impossible to access. By completing a Re-Style Existing WordPress package we were able to identify the areas of the site that needed to match up the use needs of their site visitors.

Old website


One of the most important areas of the business - the catering menus - did not have a page on the original website. The only way to see what menus were available was via the hidden drop down menu.

By creating a page for one of the most important areas of the business we were able to give users a "menu of menus" where they can easily see in one place all the menu options, with pricing, and access the individual pages for each menu with ease.

We also created a more distinct colour scheme for the brand, improved typography and made pages much easier to scan and understand using headlines and better content layout.

New website - Menus page

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