Redesign Your Website


WordPress Design Package

Transform your website to maximize usability.

Help your customers connect to the information they need with a website that looks better, flows better, tells a better story and bring in more leads.

If your business website but it isn’t bringing you the results need, it’s time to re-evaluate and solve problems. Re-design your website and take your web presence from stagnant to stimulating. Create effective content that helps searchers find your site and make sure they understand how your business can provide what they need.

This package helps you create pages that tell your story in a way that is “digestible” and discusses what S.E.O. is and how you can make it work for your brand.

re-design With WordPress

Package Includes:

  • Up to 15 pages (or blog/portfolio posts)
  • Premium WordPress Theme & Page Layout Editor
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Touch-friendly design
  • Setup of Must-Have Plugins
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Integration
  • Contact Form
  • Custom 404 error page
  • On-Page SEO Tools
  • Setup of widget areas – header, sidebar, and footer
  • Custom page styling of your provided content
  • Research & Competitive Review

Setup & Design Workflow

The tools you need to run a powerful business website.

A close look at what’s going on with your website, your larger web presence and your main competitor’s websites as well.

This discovery process begins with research and documentation. We will discuss where the weaknesses are in your current design, content and messaging and how we can overcome them. Using a series of questions and answers we will discover who your target audience is, what problem they have that your business can solve, and how to create messaging that informs and entices them.

Getting all of the details down in writing informs the redesign strategy and helps us understand how to use WordPress to solve your website problems.

Planning and asking lots of questions to determine your project’s specific needs:
– Review of WordPress installation and configuration to ensure correct setup is in place as well as security review and ensuring proper backups
– Installation of premium theme, must-have plugins and connection to Google Services.
– On-page SEO tools setup and direction on how to use with your content.
– Proper setup of navigation menus for best usage on all devices, specifically touch-screens.

“Content precedes design. … Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

Jeffery Zeldman, Entreprenuer & speaker on web design

Once your website domain and hosting are setup and WordPress is installed, the visual styling part begins.

Working with your provided content* we will develop the look and feel of the most important pages of any business website:
– Home Page
– “Services” page (or whatever word is relevant for what you sell or do)
– About page
– Contact page
Plus additional pages, as needed.
In addition, a blog or portfolio section can be added and up to 4 posts are included in this package.

Your new WordPress website design will also include these vital elements:
– Social Media Integration
– Google Integration
– Contact Form
– Custom 404 error page
– On-Page SEO Tools

*If you do not have content ready, placeholder content is added.

With an iterative in-browser design process there is no need to create 2-dimensional static mock-ups of the web pages. Layouts are based on the content that is provided and design solutions are presented on a live, working website that you can review on any device. Seeing the content design unfold in this way allows for an iterative approach with ultimate flexibility.

All work is done remotely via online documents and email, plus telephone meetings as needed.

The Redesign Your Website Package is the right choice for those who are ready to improve their business website and connect better with their target customers.

Starts at $2500*

Your site must have a suitable domain and hosting setup to qualify for this package. I will evaluate the current situation with your domain and hosting and let you know what I find. If you need to change or upgrade these elements, we can discuss your options, or you can choose The Advanced Package, which includes technical installation and setup of WordPress in a suitable hosting environment. publishing.

  • Additional pages starting at $100/page
  • In-person working sessions, starting at $125.
  • Custom Functionality and Plugins
  • Marketing Campaign Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Photography
  • Content Development
  • Email Marketing Integration and Newsletter Design (MailChimp, Constant Contant, etc.)
  • E-commerce Solutions – Woocommerce or 3rd party options
  • WordPress Updates and Maintenance (plans available)
  • On-going Content management, design and publishing

For a more comprehensive design service please see The Premium Package.

Upgrade to a website that people will LOVE