I turned a corner and walked across a section of Dundas where I hadn’t been in a few months and this amazing street art by German duo Herakut stopped me in my tracks.

Herakut Mural Toronto

Part of The Giant Storybook Project, a global public art project to create a children’s book from murals painted around the world. The text on the left side reads:

“Was it the most glorious or the most monstrous moment when Jay met his Creative Spirit?”

The Pinterest page explains the project:

“Follow along as artist duo Herakut reveal the wild and whimsical story of Lily, Jay, two giants, and their adventures on murals around the world.”

Score one for the east side, Toronto.

Update 2015:

This is has become one of my favourite spots to walk past and grab a few shots here and there when the moment is right.

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