Here we go again – High Park Cherry Blossoms are out!

A much less agressive winter made for considerably more blooms this year than in 2014. The mid-week, mid-afternoon crowd was huge when I was there yesterday. I can only imagine how packed it’s going to be this weekend, although it looks like a thunderstrom might be on its way, so as always the blooms will be short-lived.

High Park Cherry Blossoms 2015

The trees were a gift from the Japanese ambassador to Canada in 1959 and are a yearly attraction to beautiful High Park.

Unfortunately, despite the signage, this still happens about every 5 minutes…the City should really move those signs closer to the trees. I didn’t even notice them unitl I was leaving the park.

More info on the High Park Cherry Blossoms:

Sakura in High Park – by Steven Joniak

High Park Toronto – Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms in High Park expected to hit peak bloom Wednesday

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