Based on Lorem Ipsum the format used in design for placeholder text Cupcake Ipsum provides a sweet alternative to the old standard.

Here’s an example of the sweetness it provides

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit. Amet carrot cake muffin chocolate bar bear claw bonbon. Candy cake pie donut candy canes.
Liquorice pudding oat cake donut toffee muffin. Tootsie roll chocolate cake gummi bears. Cheesecake lollipop oat cake candy canes.
Liquorice tootsie roll gummi bears powder. Jelly macaroon croissant macaroon dragée soufflé biscuit toffee gummies. Bonbon tart cotton candy oat cake.
Marshmallow croissant gingerbread pudding sweet roll marshmallow bonbon biscuit. Gummi bears powder cheesecake cake chupa chups gummies bear claw. Brownie sweet candy oat cake oat cake candy canes jelly.
Jelly-o sugar plum gingerbread sweet roll bear claw gummi bears oat cake icing pastry. Ice cream donut gingerbread biscuit I love chocolate bar danish faworki macaroon. I love brownie chocolate bar bear claw toffee dessert.

It’s amazing how even in this paragraph of nonsensical babble certain words just jump off the page/screen. How is it that my eye goes straight to “Gummi bears”? This might be a bit dangerous – craving inducing. I’d love to see different version of this theme, like a Star Wars Ipsum or Band Names Ipsum. The possibilities are endless!

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