Skating in the Fog and Rain with Ducks & an Awesome Sunset at Toronto Harbourfront

Getting together with the @torontophoto gang for the monthly meets and the various mini meets that pop up are always a good time and often bring unexpected adventures. This incredibly beautiful January day in the Toronto harbourfront is just one of the many I’ve enjoyed since connecting with the group November 2013. All photos shot with Nokia Lumia 1020

HTO Park was covered in ice and the drizzle added to the slipperiness. We all had to tread very carefully there. The fog was so thick it was hard to see much more than 5m in beyond where you were.

Skated with friends on the Natrel Rink at Toronto Harbourfount Centre despite the drizzle. The CN tower was completely erased from the skyline by the fog and the lake seemed to disappear too.

I didn’t think we’d see any sun that day but when we came out from a little post-skating relaxation, the sky was glowing orange behind the clouds.

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