It’s that time of year again – High Park Cherry Blossoms are out!

The Sakura are quite late blooming this year, thanks to the harsh winter and cold spring. There are also fewer flowers than some years, but they are still exquiste. With a very rainy forecast for this week I figured I’d better get myself over to the west side to take them in before it’s too late. They are almost at peak bloom this week, but they are fleeting, so it’s hard to know how long they will last.

The trees were a gift from the Japanese ambassador to Canada in 1959 and are a yearly attraction. I was there on Tuesday afternoon and it was quite busy. I started to find photographing others shooting the blooms as interesting as the trees themselves.

If you’re interested in seeing the Sakura blossoms, this coming long-weekend will be a great time, if you can handle the crowds.

More info on the High Park Cherry Blossoms:

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